AES Tietê

AES Tietê

What is your energy shape?

We provide autonomy for our customers to decide the most sustainable method to meet their energy needs, considering all factors: efficiency, sustainability, availability, reliability and innovation.

We offer custom-made solutions, built in partnership with our customers. From distributing energy generated by our hydroelectric, wind and solar power plants to the development of small and large size renewable energy solutions, we stand in the market as a company that enables our customers to integrate sustainability into their businesses.

We are part of one of the main groups in the Brazilian energy industry, AES Brasil. In addition to AES Tietê, the group includes AES Uruguaiana (generation), and AES Ergos (distribution utilities).


We are among the largest power generation companies in Brazil, operating in the country for almost 20 years. Our power generation park is composed of nine large and three small hydroelectric plants in the State of São Paulo, which combined, provide 2,658 MW installed capacity and 1,278 MW physical guarantee, as well as a concession valid until 2029.

COGE  min

Our Power Generation Operations Center (COGE – Centro de Operações da Geração de Energia), responsible for centralized management focused on supervision and control of our plants: hydroelectric plants and locks, solar power plants, wind farms and distributed generation installations. It is one of the most modern centers in Brazil, offering state-of-the-art technology and operating 365 days a year to guarantee safety, efficiency and reliability to our operations and ensuring the quality of the energy delivered to our customers.

Part of the energy consumed by the Operation Center comes from renewable sources, such as the solar photovoltaic panels with 117 KWp installed capacity and microgrid controls.


Our Figures

  • 428



  • 974


    contracted employees

  • 3.354 MW

    3.354 MW

    of installed capacity

  • 301 hectares

    301 hectares

    of reforested areas

  • R$ 3,8 millions

    R$ 3,8 millions

    invested in social projects

  • R$ 1.9 billion

    R$ 1.9 billion

    of gross operating revenue

  • R$98,9 millions

    R$98,9 millions

    invested in modernization and maintenance of hydroelectric plants

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