Socioenvironmental Responsibility

Socioenvironmental Responsibility

All 12 AES Tietê power plants have valid operating licenses with a total perimeter of 4,803 km. Two of them – Água Vermelha and Caconde – are licensed by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Nateruais Renováveis – IBAMA); the others are licensed by the Environmental Company of the State of São Paulo (Companhia Ambiental do Estado de São Paulo – Cetesb).

To operate these ventures we must follow some rules. As required by the environmental agencies, we have implemented programs to preserve the natural resources of the areas around reservoirs, as well as environmental education, macrophyte monitoring and water quality, fishing management, among others.

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The safety of the population is our utmost priority.

Therefore, we carry out educational and awareness campaigns in the communities located around our plants that are transmitted through far-reaching media in the regions where our facilities are located. There have been no accidents for more than 8 years with the population in our plants, which remain open to receive students from local schools for visits.

By means of instrumentation installed in our structures, we continuously evaluate the structural conditions of the dams. We also perform periodic inspections with technicians, as well as a detailed regular annual inspection conducted by specialized engineers, which complement the diagnosis and assessment of the structures.

To monitor the reservoirs, we have sound alerts that are always triggered before the floodgates are opened as a way to warn the communities. Thus, we avoid accidents with people who may have exceeded safety limits when using water for leisure or for fishing, for example.

Reservoir management

The monitoring and control of use and occupation of the borders of our reservoirs are continuously carried out focusing on preservation of natural resources, safety of the population and prevention of environmental impacts, such as erosion of the banks and silting of the dams.

After assessment, all information obtained is transformed into actions related to topics such as reforestation, fauna, archeology, telemetry and irregular occupations.


To make this possible, we have state-of-the-art technology, such as medium and high resolution satellite images, air, ground and river inspections and sedimentation assessment.

Among these innovations there is the use of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) to update information and boats remotely controlled to monitor aspects related to flow and bathymetry.

We are also a benchmark in reforestation. In 2016, we reforested 409 hectares around our reservoirs and we are committed to at least another 243 hectares per year by 2029.

Promissao Piscicultura

We also invest in the preservation of aquatic fauna to maintain fish stocks and benefit communities that develop economic activities related to fishing in rivers and reservoirs.

Our Fish Management Program promotes the repopulation of rivers with fingerlings of fish species such as piracanjuba, which is an endangered species.

The use of the borders of the reservoirs is permitted in special cases defined by specific legislation, provided they are intended to public utility, social interest and, of course, low environmental impact.

Use Concession

If you wish to develop activities in the reservoirs and peripheral areas under AES Tietê concession, you should send a request to:
Reservoir Management
Address: Rodovia Comandante João Ribeiro de Barros, Km 348 (Bauru-Marília)
Distrito Industrial – Postal Code: 17013-905 – Bauru – SP

Phone Numbers: 08007784383 or (+ 55 14) 3103.3420