Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Same results. Less consumption. More cost-effectiveness.

Energy Efficiency is using resources in the best way to achieve an expected result. Approximately 50% of all energy consumption in Brazil comes from businesses and industry. Energy Efficiency Projects (EE) are increasingly necessary.

Eficiencia O Que Oferecemos

What do we offer?

  • Computer-based management of consumption and performance
  • Rate adjustment
  • Lighting and climatization
  • Replacement of engines and compressors
  • Automation and sensing
  • Participation in projects with public call for proposals

What are the main advantages of this solution?

  • Cost-effective and customizable solution

    Cost-effective and customizable solution

    The Energy Efficiency project seeks to reduce energy costs in a customizable way to meet the specific goals of your company.

  • Competitiveness


    With the rational use and the reduction of energy costs, your company becomes more competitive in the market.

  • Sustainability


    It reduces the use of natural resources and avoids the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

  • Project financing

    Project financing

    The project can be developed without needing an initial investment. AES makes the financial contribution and the value can be divided in the contract years.

  • Fixed installments

    Fixed installments

    The monthly payment may have the installments established when the project is contracted, which does not generate future surprises.

Why AES Tietê?

  • Global company

    Global company

    20-year market experience

  • Great experience in large-scale projects

    Great experience in large-scale projects

    We are a world reference in batteries.

  • Custom-made solutions

    Custom-made solutions

    Integration of energy services and solutions

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