Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)

Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)

Tangibilize sustainability to your business

REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) is a global certificate which proves the power generation through renewable sources. Each REC is equivalent to 1 MWh of energy.

The Água Vermelha hydroelectric plant, located in the State of São Paulo, with installed capacity of 1.4 GW is our first powerplant certified for the issuance of RECs. In this way, AES Tietê is able to issue and trade RECs to its customers.


Reasons for you to acquire RECs

  • Clean and certified energy

    Clean and certified energy

    Proof of a renewable energy consumed in your company

  • Brand Value

    Brand Value

    Valuing your brand as a company committed to Sustainability

  • Energy Traceability

    Energy Traceability

    Control of transactions through global traceability platform

  • Engagement with environmental causes

    Engagement with environmental causes

    Reduction of environmental impacts

Our goal is to make Sustainability more tangible in your business

We have the right solution for whatever your need is.

In Europe, for example, it was traded around 600 million in 2016, and it is increasingly gaining space in the Brazilian market.

It is a global product that can be used to prove emission levels for companies that specific inventories or even are part of Sustainability Indexes.

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