Solar Photovoltaic Energy

Solar Photovoltaic Energy

In there anything more innovative and disruptive than generating your own energy from sunlight?

Energy produced from sunlight, which is sustainable and brings savings to your business.

There is also the possibility of energy generation outside the facility where it will be consumed. In that case, it may be compensated by one or more consumer units, provided that they are within the same concession area of the energy distributor.

Solar Farm

These methods of solar generation are connected to the grid of the energy distribution concessionaire, which keeps ensuring the supply of electrical energy when there is no generation of solar photovoltaic energy.

What are the main advantages of this system?

  • Cost-effective solution

    Cost-effective solution

    Significant reductions in energy bills and cost predictability. Solar photovoltaic system with service life of 25 years and low maintenance cost.

  • Clean energy

    Clean energy

    Low environmental impact because it uses sunlight as fuel, a clean and renewable source.

  • Customizable solution

    Customizable solution

    Adaptable to the customer needs, with the option of choosing from generation in the place of consumption or remote generation.

  • Real estate appreciation

    Real estate appreciation

    In case of installation in the customer’s property, there is an option to transfer the asset at the end of the contract term.

  • Credits in the electricity bill for up to 5 years

    Credits in the electricity bill for up to 5 years

    The energy generated and not consumed turns into credits that can be used in up to 5 years.
    You can use the credits you injected into the network to compensate for the consumption of other consumer unit held by you and that is in the same distribution area.

What we offer

Micro e mini geração distribuída

Generation in the consumer unit

It consists of energy generation in the consumer unit with possibility of asset transfer at the end of the contract term.


Remote generation

Possibility of using credits in more than one unit under the same ownership.


Shared generation

When several customers join a consortium or cooperative entity to use shared generation of energy in their facilities.

Why AES Tietê?

  • From diagnosis to implementation

    From diagnosis to implementation

    We provide services from diagnosis to implementation with the best partners.

  • Financing directly with AES Tiete

    Financing directly with AES Tiete

    Possibility of financing directly with AES Tiete, without needing investment by the customer.

  • Turn Key Solution

    Turn Key Solution

  • Reference in asset management

    Reference in asset management

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